Join us for the 2017 Annual Speaker Design Competition located in Springboro Ohio during the Midwest Audiofest hosted by Dayton Audio & Parts Express! The location for the Speaker Design Competition is at Pontecorvo 20 Commercial Way Springboro, Ohio 45066.
Registration Closed See Event Page

1Tony HNiagara FallsNYDayton Audio
2Julian FFishersINOpen Drivers Over $200
3Aman APalmyraNYOpen Unlimited
4Jim HRunnellsIAOpen Drivers Over $200
5Javad SSan RamonCAOpen Drivers Over $200
6Julian RShadysideOHOpen Drivers Under $200
7Brian ZWaterlooONOpen Unlimited
8Kerry AYpsilantiMIDayton Audio
9Kerry AYpsilantiMIOpen Drivers Over $200
10Taylor HFort WayneINOpen Drivers Under $200
11Paul KHilliardOHOpen Drivers Over $200
12Scott QDaphneALOpen Unlimited
13Scott QDaphneALOpen Drivers Over $200
14Thomas ZPilesgroveNJDayton Audio
15John HManchesterMOOpen Drivers Under $200
16John HManchesterMODayton Audio
17Anthony HNiagara FallsNYOpen Drivers Over $200
18Anthony HNiagara FallsNYOpen Drivers Under $200
19Ben SAuburnINOpen Drivers Under $200
20Bill SJacksonWIOpen Drivers Over $200
21Ben SAuburnINOpen Drivers Over $200
22Kevin KAlvaradoTXOpen Unlimited
23Kole KAlvaradoTXDayton Audio
24Mark CColumbusOHDayton Audio
25Steven GSt. LouisMOOpen Drivers Under $200
26Norm CNorcrossGAOpen Unlimited
27Ani MPlymouthMNOpen Drivers Under $200
28Ani MPlymouthMNOpen Drivers Over $200
29Taylor HFort WayneINOpen Drivers Over $200
30William WTerre HauteINOpen Drivers Under $200
31Jean MColumbusOHOpen Unlimited
32Jean MColumbusOHOpen Drivers Over $200
33Nick SWilmingtonILOpen Drivers Under $200
34Eric LPlymouthOHDayton Audio
35Cherell LPlymouthOHOpen Drivers Under $200
36Meredith CSpringfieldILOpen Unlimited
37Torbjorn HRock HillSCDayton Audio
38Torbjorn HRock HillSCOpen Drivers Under $200
39Eric WLouisvilleKYOpen Drivers Over $200
40Scott MCincinnatiOHOpen Unlimited
41Mike PMarklevilleINDayton Audio
42Eric LPlymouthOHOpen Drivers Under $200
43Joe EHarker HeightsTXDayton Audio
44Ben CColumbia CityINOpen Drivers Under $200
45Ben CColumbia CityINOpen Drivers Under $200
46Perry MBerwynILOpen Drivers Under $200
47Perry MBerwynILOpen Unlimited
48Daniel FClaytonOHOpen Drivers Over $200

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