Join us for the 2018 Annual Speaker Design Competition located in Springboro Ohio during the Midwest Audiofest hosted by Dayton Audio & Parts Express! The location for the Speaker Design Competition is at Pontecorvo 20 Commercial Way Springboro, Ohio 45066.
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1Brian Z.WhitbyOntarioOpen Unlimited
2Tony H.Niagara FallsNew YorkDayton Audio
3Julian F.FishersIndianaDayton Audio
5Paul G.ColumbusOhioOpen Unlimited
6Scott M.CincinnatiOhioOpen Unlimited
7Aaron L.Parma HtsOhioOpen Drivers Under $200
8Bill S.JacksonWisconsinDayton Audio
9Dave J.OdessaFloridaOpen Drivers Under $200
10Ben S.AuburnIndianaOpen Drivers Over $200
11John H.ManchesterMissouriDayton Audio
12John H.ManchesterMissouriOpen Drivers Over $200
13Travis P.WilmingtonNorth CarolinaOpen Unlimited
14David S.AndoverNew YorkOpen Drivers Over $200
15Jack P.Rochester HillsMichiganOpen Drivers Over $200
16Jack P.Rochester HillsMichiganOpen Drivers Over $200
17Steven G.St. LouisMissouriOpen Drivers Over $200
18Bill S.JacksonWisconsinOpen Drivers Under $200
19Javad S.FremontCaliforniaOpen Drivers Over $200
20Keith E.ColumbusIndianaOpen Drivers Over $200
21Kerry A.YpsilantiMichiganOpen Drivers Over $200
22David F.ColumbusOhioOpen Unlimited
23Scott K.KetteringOhioDayton Audio
24Meredith C.SpringfieldIllinoisDayton Audio
25Taylor and Adrienne H.WestfieldIndianaOpen Drivers Under $200
26Paul K.HilliardOhioOpen Drivers Under $200
27Michael O.RepentignyQuebecOpen Unlimited
30James G.CookevilleTennesseeOpen Unlimited
31Tony H.Niagara FallsNew YorkOpen Drivers Over $200
32Meredith C.SpringfieldIllinoisOpen Unlimited
33Troy M.Royal OakMichiganDayton Audio
34Tony H.Niagara FallsNew YorkOpen Drivers Under $200
35Kevin K.AlvaradoTexasOpen Drivers Over $200
36Kole K.AlvaradoTexasOpen Drivers Under $200
37Scott Q.DaphneAlabamaOpen Drivers Over $200
38Nick S.WilmingtonIllinoisOpen Drivers Over $200
39Javad S.FremontCaliforniaDayton Audio
40Elario D.MacungiePennsylvaniaOpen Drivers Over $200
41Elario D.MacungiePennsylvaniaOpen Drivers Under $200
42Clay A.EvansvilleIndianaOpen Unlimited
43Thomas Z.PilesgroveNew JerseyOpen Drivers Under $200
44Torbjorn H.Rock HillSouth CarolinaDayton Audio
45Torbjorn H.Rock HillSouth CarolinaOpen Drivers Under $200
46Mitchell M.Cranberry TownshipPennsylvaniaOpen Drivers Over $200
48Brett L.Allentown PennsylvaniaDayton Audio
49Kyle C.DaytonOhioDayton Audio
50Keith E.ColumbusIndianaOpen Drivers Under $200

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